Debunk the Workplace Drug Testing Myths With 12 Panel Drug Test

Workplace Drug Testing Myths

With the legalization of marijuana in many states, the difference between what is legal and what is not just got subtle.

This altering changes in the drug landscape have already added a lot more myths and misconceptions prevalent in workplace drug testing. It has become a challenge for employers to conduct proper screening while remaining compliant with the law rules and regulations surrounding drugs.

Workplace Drug Testing Myths

Hope this article will help you debunk some of the myths:

Myth 1: Drug Abuse At Workplace Don’t Affect Productivity

Studies show that illegal drug use in the workplace leaves a substantial negative impact on the work environment.

And, employers under the effect of drugs can be traced down with the 12-panel drug test which is more prone to absenteeism and likely to be involved in workplace injuries and illness.

The substance abuse not only hampers productivity, but also results in higher turnovers and simultaneously, a higher number of workers and compensation disabilities. Employees who regularly use drugs tend to be less efficient than non-drug users for several reasons. First of all, as their habit takes over their life, it becomes the first priority. Every drug addict in your employ is a ticking bomb and it’s only a matter of time before they go off and lash out on one of your employees.

Myth 2: Employers Cannot Prohibit The Use Of Cannabis

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Nowadays, a considerable part of U.S states has decriminalized the use and possession of medical marijuana in the workplace. Some of them have moved a step ahead, and have legalized recreational use of cannabis as well.

However, it is still illicit under federal laws. Adding on, even after the legalization of medical marijuana, an employer still holds the right to screen test their employees and maintain a drug-free workplace.

Some take the necessary action of drug testing with the 12-panel drug test if he/she is suspected to breach the drug test policy of the organization.

The ease of use of instant drug makes it the most reliable practice with assured results. No more need to run to drug test labs and waiting long for the reports. It’s also CLIA waived and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved point-of-care urine analysis cup that is used by Drug Addiction Treatment Facilities and other rehab centers.

Myth 3: Screening Drug Test On Prospective Employees Seems Unfair By Law

As per laws, employers are prohibited from questioning prospective employees about the prior use of drugs.

Now, the law recognizes that drug testing tangle with the privacy concern of individuals and thus is subjected to certain constraints. But, you can ensure a regular drug screening with reliable and accredited bulk drug test strips for your workplace.

However, as an employer, you can put a condition to of employment wherein, the job offer is dependable upon the employee passing drug screening.

Order the most reliable and certified 12-panel drug test and forget about any kind of drug abuse in your workplace.

Putting The Lid On: Marijuana legalization and drug laws are still at the state of consistent flux and will probably continue to remain the same.

In conclusion…

Frequent drug tests your employees for drugs, and creating a drug-free environment needs to become a top priority. So, as an employer, make sure you don’t land on the other side of the law while selecting employees for your firm. Align with the Drug testing cup (for example 12-panel drug test) to maintain a drug-free workplace and protect the privacy of your employees.


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