Long-term effects aren’t yet published. Flakka is among the latest artificial drugs and research into its effects is not extensive. However, research that’s been conducted has shown that the drug can be toxic to the kidneys and cause renal failure.

The instantaneous and long-term consequences of Flakka can rival some of the most powerful crystal meth and cocaine.

Very similar to other stimulants, Flakka use leads to a flood of dopamine within the brain. Flakka hinders the reuptake of the neurotransmitter by the brain cells.
Cathinones are compounds derived from the khat plant originating from the Middle East and Somalia–in which the leaves are often chewed to get a euphoric buzz.

Flakka is as powerful as methamphetamine, yet with a much greater propensity for addiction development in people who misuse this substance.

This feeling often results in users returning to the medication to eliminate the unwanted comedown feeling, jump-starting a cycle of usage that may cause abuse. As tolerance to the drug develops, the user will need increasingly more Flakka to feel high, risking harmful effects, overdose, and even death.

If you’re abusing Flakka, it is time to seek help. Learn about treatment programs.
The impacts of the comedown from Flakka (the time once the drug leaves the body) include depression and fatigue.

Flakka is a street drug with roots in South Florida. Among the newer substances from the booming category of artificial or designer drugs, Flakka is typically made from a synthetic version of an amphetamine-like stimulant from the cathinone category called alpha-PVP. Though Flakka is a relatively new synthetic drug, data from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have shown it to be as powerful as methamphetamine, yet with an even greater propensity for addiction growth in people who misuse it.

Individuals who use Flakka can exhibit cases of uncontrollable and bizarre behavior. At elevated doses, Flakka can influence the body’s temperature; it will reach high temperatures and occasionally this extreme change may cause muscle breakdown and subsequent kidney impairment.

The unknown effects of Flakka have many alarmed about its popularity and use, as nobody knows what exactly the medication can do to the human body and mind in the long run.
Much like cocaine and amphetamines, short-term effects can be serious.