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Fentanyl Drug Test Kit – FYL Cartridge

As low $0.69 per cartridge
Cutoff level:
Fentanyl 200 ng/ml

$2.99 BUY NOW

EtG/Alcohol Urine Test Screen

$0.99 per cartridge

Get EtG/Alcohol Test Screen, convenient to use, our EtG Single Test Screen enables users to perform Alcohol testing with complete ease and without seeking assistance.

  • The EtG Single Test Screen provides quick results within five minutes.
  • Our EtG Single Test Screen possesses a cutoff level of 300 ng/ml.


$2.99 BUY NOW

Kratom Test Kit – Cartridges

As low as
$0.99 per drug test

Cutoff level: Kratom 500 ng/ml

$3.99 BUY NOW