DRUG TESTING CUP is a family-ownedDrugTestingCup Logo Woo and operated business based in West Palm Beach, Florida. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our commitment to providing customers with quality products at bulk prices. South Florida is one of the communities most impacted by the prevalence of drug abuse. Everyone on our team has personally seen first hand how drug and alcohol addiction can tear someone’s life apart. We saw a dire need in our community to provide affordable methods of drug testing, which we sought to meet through our 12 and 6 panel drug test cups. Seeing the need for low cost methods of drug testing, we embarked on a venture to produce a 12 and 6 panel instant drug test cup that was of great quality,

FDA approved, CLIA waived, easy to read, and affordable. One year later, and we are the fastest growing drug testing supplier in Florida with over 500 accounts of commercial users. Our 12 and 6 panel drug testing cups are the lowest in the nation and we constantly receive feedback from our customers stating how happy they are with their savings. Some were paying as high as $5 per cup, compared to $2.50 per cup or lower for the same quality product. We keep massive stock to ensure same day shipping on orders placed before 5pm EST, as well as cater to the needs of our bulk buyers, distributors and wholesalers.

We value the virtue of being good people and always take care to show respect and appreciation for our clients. Our company takes pride in the highest level of quality service, and we work hard to serve our customers, large or small, with all their needs.

We cater to hundreds of clients nationwide, and we are growing every day. While we’ve made a name for ourselves through our drug test cups, we are looking forward to supplying even more medical products at amazing prices. Individually, each member of our staff has given back to the community in their own way, whether that be through donating thousands of dollars to charities or hosting fundraisers for terminally ill children. We’re still a young company, but we’re looking forward to supporting our communities in bigger and more impactful ways as we grow.