government photo government employee drug testingWhy spend thousands of taxpayer’s dollars annually having government employee drug testing at outdoor locations?

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Government employees can be some of the most significant people in our society now. Citizens need to be able to feel secure in the hands of the folks who are supposed to be taking care of them. Be sure that your customers feel as though they don’t have to be concerned about the competency of your employees. Government agencies are much too important to ordinary people for easy mess-ups from employees which could be getting high. People’s lives could be changed just because of a single employee. Ensure this doesn’t occur in the government office which you run. Proceed to our site and check out what they have to offer. They have a whole lot of different bulk choices at great low, wholesale prices. Keep your office and everyday citizens safe by in house testing your employees for alcohol and drugs.

government photoDrug Testing for government workers

There’s a longstanding joke, ever since the arrest of a few popular people in politics which most people in politics are drug addicts. Government employees are intended to help the common men and women. This is something they can’t do if they are under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Government employees serve a range of different purposes, from your local welfare caseworker to the President, they’re all government workers and they should all be held to a higher standard than regular citizens.

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Every government employee must undergo drug testing at the start of their hiring process. This is to be certain that these government hires aren’t taking illegal drugs at all, since it can influence the way they perform their job functions, but normally after hiring it’s too much of a hassle to send workers for drug tests. It may also get extremely costly and extremely time-consuming. So as to perform an out of home drug test, an employer must pay an outside testing lab, and give their employees time to go take this test. Sometimes companies even cover their workers to undergo these tests because they are a work requirement. It would be so much simpler if employers could test onsite, and now they can.

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