QuaaludesThis medication was introduced by United States pharmaceutical companies from the 1960’s. It was promoted as’non- addictive’ sleeping pills and has been accepted by the US authorities under the trade name Quaalude. In very little time, methaqualone (Quaaludes) has been heavily abused and inducing people to come up with anxiety, severe depression, and addiction.

Because of this, the drug was recorded as being psychoactive and has been prohibited in many nations by the mid 1970’s. Although illegal, it wasn’t forgotten; methaqualone (Quaaludes) started to be sold on the black market. It must be noted, that some countries still create methaqualone as a pharmaceutical medicine.

The effects start to occur 20-45 minutes following ingestion. Because the drug can lead to sedation, the normal user will induce them self to remain awake, when the nausea has subsided, the consumer will feel a dissociative high. Users claim the methaqualone (Quaaludes) causes a loss of inhibitions, a feeling of health, and an all-around sweet and mellow high. But, there are quite common unwanted side effects which methaqualone (Quaalude) consumers might have.

Many users of methaqualone (Quaaludes) have misjudged the effectiveness of the small tablets and so have overdosed. Overdosing on methaqualone (Quaaludes) can be deadly, particularly when it’s combined with other drugs or alcohol. Some signs symptoms include convulsions, muscle strain, hyper-reflexia, delirium, unconsciousness, nausea, respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest, coma, and death.

Normally anyone with a dependence on methaqualone (Quaaludes) will want to go through a rigorous detox and then to a rehabilitation for additional treatment. With effort and determination, a methaqualone (Quaaludes) addiction can be treated.

e034b9072ef01c3e81584d04ee44408be272e1d619b9124393f6 640 partyAlthough completely unrelated, it’s said that these drugs effects are similar to those of barbiturates. Although a lot of folks are not knowledgeable about methaqualone (Quaaludes), it’s a commonly abused drug in several regions in the world, particularly in South Africa. Its effects are very potent, which causes significant abuse and a speedy addiction. This medication typically comes in a pill or capsule form and is usually taken orally. It’s totally tasteless and odorless and is relatively affordable. However, in certain regions it’s crushed and mixed with marijuana; then smoked.

On the roads, the drug could be known as: French Quaalude, ludes, furies, mandrakes, quas, quacks, quads, 714s, soaps, soapers, sopes, superb Quaaludes, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and super super.

A tolerance to methaqualone (Quaaludes) can grow very quickly in users. There’s also a chance of a cross tolerance occurring. Meaning, if a user is taking other sedatives, they’ll also build a tolerance to those sedatives also. Within a couple of days of abuse, the user will notice their tolerance has significantly improved. This makes overdosing on the drug easier as abusers will start to chase their high. Within no more than two weeks, an abuser can create a physical dependence to methaqualone (Quaaludes). As with many other drugs, a user who’s hooked on methaqualone (Quaaludes) will experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop. The emotional addiction is very serious and can take weeks or even years to get over.