Best Practices For Drug And Alcohol Testing

Drug And Alcohol Testing

Drug And Alcohol Testing

In the contemporary era, it is necessary for a business to recognize and find employees who are involved with the illegal use of drugs. Drug Testing is a step forward for a more productive workplace. This can help in eliminating any drug addiction whatsoever.

Also, as we distinguish the potential abusers, it gets easy to counsel them and direct them on the right path.

Drug and alcohol testing is now a vital part of the recruitment process in any business, especially if you are going to interview for a company that works with governmental regulations. This also requires to be stated in your company policy.

Businesses use Drug and Alcohol testing (whether a 12 panel drug test or etg alcohol test strips) as a means of lowering the rate of insurances pertaining to accidents and health-related issues in employees.

Nevertheless, there are still some companies who are yet to incorporate drug testing in their policies and also bend the rules as per their discretion.

Understand that such kind of attitude can be troublesome for an organization, especially those businesses that are in the growing stage.

More importantly, the drug testing policy of every company should be accessible to everyone- not just management but employees, future employees, customers, and clients as well.

Nevertheless, a company cannot mistreat its drug testing policy to strip the legal rights of an employee.

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Here in this article, lists out the best practices for drug and alcohol testing that every company needs to follow-

  1. Define the legal obligations for drug abuse. The employer has to advertise a “Zero Tolerance Policy” for those who are found positive in the drug tests.
  2. The employer should absolutely follow the company’s requirements of drug and alcohol testing. There should not be any misuse of pre-employment testing.
  3. Please do not mark CCF as Random Testing in place of Reasonable Suspicion.
  4. A deliberate attempt to frame or save in the post-accident testing should not be done. Remember that employees are sent to DOT post-accident testing and not taken upon the corporate non-regulated test.
  5. Please do not test tag when an employee is already returned-to-work. An employee must clear the return-to-duty test prior to working again in the organization.
  6. If you are doing random testing, do not perform alcohol testing without intimation. This is the violation of company policy and does not adhere to the notion of random testing.
  7. If you are using hearsay to perform the reasonable suspicion test, please make sure that you have enough evidence to support your claims. Hearsay should be taken precariously, however, do not consider it as a complete reason for conducting the test.
  8. Employers should fulfill the required random testing criterion. There are many companies that violate the drug testing laws and do not accomplish the set percentage.

In the end…

Please understand that drug and alcohol testing policies promote a healthy lifestyle and also safeguard the lives of the employees. However, the drug testing policy only is implemented after you completely concede and establish the right procedures.

Follow and implement the policy completely with comprehensive paperwork, evaluating the right type of test. The employer can decide the best applicants who can perform their jobs well but at the same time make sure that you devise an image of a more publically responsible organization.

If you’re interested to learn more about drugs and drug tests, we publish a blog once a week discussing such topics.

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