Workplace Drug Testing – Can You Fire Employees For Drug use?

saliva alcohol test Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace Drug Testing, employer wants drug use at their workplace, but what about those employees who consume drugs round the clock? What steps should you take for them? As you know, drugs are inappropriate for use in workplaces. They are considered as a host for numerous problems which creates an unsafe and less productive environment.

However, things get a little worse when dealing with employees who use drugs in their spare time. Off the clock, some employees consume illicit drugs or drink excessively. Simply “their time their thinking” attitude often leads to a loss for the company.  So, how can you monitor employees that use drugs at workplaces to keep your business running properly?

The article below will help you keep a handle on things and employees with drugs that can have an effect on your business.

Workplace Drug Testing – Impacts Of Drug Use In The Workplace

The use of drugs and impacts on your business:

  • Reduced production
  • Illicit buying and selling of drugs in company premises
  • Frequent absence and lateness
  • Minimized earning potential
  • Injury and Theft

How Should You Protect Your Business

The best practice to follow is creating a drug testing policy for new and existing employees of the company. Then, choose the most appropriate option of drug testing that works best for your company.

Take a look at the different and reliable drug testing options that help employers keep their workplace drug free.

Urine Drug Test

A urine drug test proves to be a better choice for testing marijuana, BCB, cocaine, and a lot more. Most of the employers across the horizons opt for the 12-panel drug test. The government order this drug test in their drug testing guidelines.

The 12-panel drug test can detect 12 different types of drugs used commonly. This test presents an accurate result without breaking your budget. Many people try to clear the drug test by other spurious means yet is regarded as a trusted option for it is FDA certified and reliable.

With proper guidelines and policies well intact, you can identify the presence of drugs amongst the employees. For instance, you can detect the intake of marijuana up to 6 weeks ago and other drugs up to some weeks.

Alcohol test Strips

To prevent alcoholics from entering your company premises, consider opting for alcohol test strips.  They are single test strips packed in foil wrappers, which makes them reliable, convenient, and easy to use.

ETG alcohol test strips are painless and easy urine alcohol testing that provide practical, visual and qualitative results. The simple test procedure is another reason which makes these ETG alcohol test strips are the best product for alcohol testing purposes. Commonly used to identify the level of alcohol in human urine, the ETG alcohol test kit provides quick results in nearly five minutes. You can use ETG alcohol test strips for workplace testing.

They test the saliva of the person and gives an appropriate reading of their blood alcohol level.

This not just ensures the alcohol level, but keep a close eye on the drink spiking prevalent nowadays. You can use the test strips to check whether the drink has tampered with alcohol or not.

It also helps in identifying and controlling underage drinking.

In conclusion…

Protect your business in the way it works for you. Don’t wait for any costly and embarrassing incident to malign your corporate image and instead align with Drug Testing cups to create a workplace sans drug use. Keeping your company safe sometimes means watching out for every individual in your employ. Sure, you don’t know what they’re doing while at home and there are some things that you as an employer have no business knowing.

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