What is a PPX drug? Medically known as Propoxyphene.

What is a PPX drug medically known as Propoxyphene?

How does a PPX drug test work?

Starting out it is good to get to know the drug at hand in order to see how the drug is tested and how long it stays in your system. Propoxyphene is, according to the FDA, an opioid pain relief drug used in cases of mild to moderate pain. In the US it is sold under several names as a single substance product.

The names they can be found under are Darvon and Darvocet. PPX drug tests are important, because this family of drugs is classified as a narcotic pain reliever. It is also useful to note that the drug itself is used in other medications, not just those for pain relief. That said, do be careful when using these drugs as they are quite powerful.

PPX drug dangers and warnings

Like with most strong pain relief drugs we have a whole list of warnings connected to it. PPX is no different. These drugs shouldn’t under any circumstance be used alongside sedatives such as Valium and Xanax. They also should never be used if you have been having suicidal thoughts and other more severe mental issues.

Using antidepressants with PPX is also not advised, as it can cause adverse side effects. Alcohol is. like with most drugs, prohibited by medical professionals. Do note, PPX should only be used if a medical professional has prescribed it to you. This is because the drug is habit forming and can lead to addiction.

Previous conditions and the PPX drugs

If you have a history of addiction or a habit forming personality this drug should not be taken under any circumstances. As noted before, any history of mental illness or suicidal thoughts should be mentioned to your doctors. As combining these drugs with mental issues will cause adverse effects.

There are also several allergies and preexisting conditions that should be mentioned to your doctor before taking PPX. Breathing disorders are on top of this list, be sure to mention if you have Asthma, COPD or sleep Apnea. A history of liver or kidney disease should also be mentioned to your healthcare professionals.

Apart from the aforementioned conditions you should also remember to mention any history of head injuries. Any form of brain tumor, malignant or safe should also be mentioned as well as any history of previous alcohol or drug addictions. These things have to be mentioned as they influence how your body will react to the PPX drug. Another condition that we should mention is pregnancy, you should not take these drugs if you are pregnant.

Taking PPX

In all circumstances drugs as strong as the PPX drugs should be taken following the prescription. As they can cause addiction it is important to take only the amount that is prescribed by healthcare professionals. Taking in larger amounts increases the risk of forming habits and addiction.

In this prescription following mission you will have some help, as most prescriptions will likely tell you to take the drug when needed. As there is no real schedule to look out for it may make things easier and the amount of drug you take is smaller. If you do miss a dose, it isn’t as big of a problem as you might think, just take the drug as soon as you remember.

Side effects of Propoxyphene

The first signs of an allergic reaction to PPX are swelling, breathing difficulties as well as hives. If this does happen, contact emergency services as soon as possible. If there are any more severe side effects contact your doctor at once. More severe side effects may include the following:

Shallow breathing followed by a slow heartbeat are common and can cause other problems especially for people with preexisting conditions. Feeling light headed and even fainting can also be a severe side effect and can lead to injuries. Hallucinations and unusual thoughts will most likely also occur.

The most dangerous of these severe side effects or allergic reactions to PPX will be seizures or convulsions which can lead to death or severe damage. Another side effect that is more of a visual nature is jaundice or yellowing of your skin and skin and eyes. Remember to contact your doctor if any of the mentioned changes occur.

Other Propoxyphene side effects

Feeling dizzy or drowsy are a common side effect that will occur and can be an early sign of things to come. This can be followed by nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and constipation, making things a bit uncomfortable. Headaches and muscle pain can also follow the aforementioned side effects. Aside from these side effects blurred vision can also occur as well as a mild skin rash.

PPX drug testing

When testing for any drug there are a set of different factors that influence how long a drug will stay inside your system. Those factors will be listed below. It is important to note that due to the strength and particular structure of PPX unique drug testing strips should be used. These PPX drug tests test specifically for PPX and are highly accurate.

Here are the factors that influence how long the drug can be detected in your system:

  1. Personal weight and height – An individual’s weight and his height can be a deciding factor in seeing how long the drug will be metabolizing in your system.
  2. Activity  – High levels of everyday activity increase the levels of metabolism, this leads to greater ability to clear the system from any forms of opioids.
  3. Metabolism – The stronger your starting metabolism. the easier time you will have to deal with both sickness and consuming drugs such as the PPX drug.
  4. Body mass index – The higher your body mass index the higher the chances are that you will have a hard time metabolizing. Body fat stores drug cells within it.

Other factors that influence how long a drug stays in your system include:

  1. Your Age – The older you get the harder time you have metabolizing, this is because your organs function slower and in general the metabolism gets lower.
  2. Kidney dysfunction – Both kidneys and the lover affect how your system will metabolize, as these organs are vital in this process and many drugs are metabolized through them.
  3. Drug formulation – Depending on the kind of drug you use the metabolization times will be different, some drugs take longer than others.
  4. Intake – The amount of drugs that you take in on a regular basis also play an important role in the metabolization process. If you take drugs regularly it will take you some time to clean up.

Drug testing strips that test for Propoxyphene are made to find any traces of the drug in your urine. They are highly accurate and can detect traces of the drug for some time, depending on the factors we have mentioned in the list.


Be sure to consult your doctor before taking PPX, this strong drug should not be used lightly. If you are experiencing any adverse side effects of the drug that have been noted in this text be sure to contact your doctor as soon as possible. If you want to see if there are any traces of this drug check out some drug testing devices.


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