Drug Rehab Centers, facts and fiction

Drug Rehab Centers

If you’ve been watching movies or reading any drug rehab centers related books you would be forgiven for thinking that rehab centres in the US do not work. The representation these institutions have garnered is not entirely untrue, however it is worth looking into them a bit deeper so we can shine a light on those that give their all to help people.

The opioid epidemic has left most of the US in a big problem when it comes to the sheer number of overdose cases. Overdose being the technical term for a person who has died from ingesting too much opioids. As the website RehabAid reports in 2019 the number of overdose cases was over 70000 people.

If this number isn’t already too shocking you might want to look at the numbers before 2015 when the cases were around 50000. Meaning that the number of people who annually die from drug overdoses is rising and fast. This situation is problematic, however there are ways in which we can help.

The best way to go about this would be to find some way of getting in contact with such a drug rehab center near you. If you are looking for a place to get some help and turn a new leaf there are websites and organizations that offer lists of rehab institutions in your specific state. Here is where we start our search.

Rehabilitation treatments

When trying to find a rehab center you should first read up on what kinds of rehab there are and which one is best for you or someone you care for. In short here are three kinds of treatment:

  1. The first step in your treatment will most likely be detox, This means clearing your system of any traces of drugs the extensive drug testing can find. This step is often a monumental challenge and it only gets tougher the longer you use specific opioids. Detox will likely last between 7 to 10 days, depending on several factors. Once the process is complete you will be moved on to one of two kinds of institutions.
  2. Inpatient treatments refer to a high level rehab facility with daily access to nurses and mental health professionals. This is intended to give you the best chance of a full rehab. This treatment does however come at a steep price. Given the amount of care you are given on a daily basis. This type of rehab is advised for heavy cases of opioid addictions.
  3. Outpatient treatments are a far less disruptive rehab experience, they are designed to give you more freedom as well as more time at home. This kind of treatment is mostly recommended for people with a stable home. They offer much of the same treatment options and it comes at a far more affordable price tag. In this case it is paramount for the patient to have a stable home to return to, otherwise it will not work.

These steps are designed to give you a choice in how you want to heal, with a recommendation given from your doctor. It’s goal is not just to cure your system but to try and find the source of the problem. Addiction isn’t the sickness it is a symptom of something deeper and this is what needs to heal after the body has cleaned up.

Fictionalised Rehab

In movies the Inpatient treatment model is the most commonly shown as well as the detox step of rehab. Movies also tend to downplay or ridicule rehab centres and their effectiveness. This ridicule is warranted in some cases, as many private owned drug rehab centers have made rehab a business instead of a service.

It is important to remember that not all rehab centres look and function like in the movies. All across the US there are people who work hard to provide a good chance to those wanting a fresh start. Considering this is the only way regular people such as us can combat the opioid crisis it is paramount we remain critical but always open to trying.

Deciding to get help is a huge step, as this means you have come to grips with your addiction and now you want to heal. In order to start this process you will need professional help. Aside from this you will need a stable environment to go home to or stay in. Without this simple fact the rehabilitation process is doomed from the start.

How am I supposed to find a good rehab center?

Good word of mouth is a first step, when searching for a drug rehab centers you will inevitably come on to many different options in each state. The best way to get to know what they offer and if they have really helped people out in the past is to talk to people on forums which have visited certain centers in your region.

A second check box you might want to cover is what level of doctors they have employed in their institutions. If you find drug rehab centers which have praised doctors and professionals working in it then that’s where you should go. You should also speak to your personal medical profesional to get some advice on where to go.

Online databases like RehabAid have lists of most drug rehab centers in the country along with recommendations for each one. It might be a good idea to browse through such databases in order to find the perfect fit. And while you are searching, always consult with your doctor or psychiatrist. As they will have valuable advice to give when it comes to your treatment.

A way out

Opioid addiction is a terrible disease that affects both the individual and their families as well as the communities they live in. The way out is usually not as clear cut as we tend to imagine but the road is worth it. Depending on your needs the team at the drug rehab centers will give you the best possible plan.

If you are looking to get help don’t be afraid to do so, there are institutions and people who are both professionals and willing to help you out. The only thing you need to remember is that every path begins with the first step. So find a helping hand and make the first step towards a better life.

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