Delta 8 – What is it, testing and general information.

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Delta 8

In order to get familiar with this specific drug, we need to determine the “delta” part of its name. These prefixes are given as a distinguishing factor between different subsets of drug compounds. As a result, we have Delta 8 and Delta 9 which are both variants of THC or as it is better known marijuana.

The Delta 9 compound we know of is the substance that gives people the “high” feeling when smoking marijuana. This simple compound is the prime culprit for the effects of Marijuana as is known in the mainstream. Delta 8 is a bit different, however, as it offers different effects.

What is Delta 8?

The Delta 8 compound could be characterized as THC light, as it offers much of the same effects as its stronger cousin. It is however safer and as its effects are by far weaker than mainstream legalized Marijuana. Where the delta 9 compounds can offer a stronger high it can produce paranoia and anxiety, this is not present with delta 8.

So in short, what is Delta 8? The basic notion is that delta 8 is a lighter and safer version of Marijuana. It is almost completely void of all of the negative side effects of marijuana. The drug is still open for testing but you will find that in states where THC is illegal this could be the legal way to get a taste of Marijuana.

Is Delta 8 legal in Florida or any state?

Due to its safer nature, this variant of THC could be a legal edition of an already famous drug. In Florida for instance the drug is legal and able to be used for medicinal and recreational use. The purchase of the substance is legal and so is consumption meaning you won’t be prosecuted by the law.

The legality of Marijuana and other drugs is still a hotly disputed topic with both sides fervently going either way. An important argument for legalizing certain drugs is that legalization can bring with it much needed regulation during production. Making more dangerous variants of the drug disappear from the market.

Even though this argument is valid, Marijuana in all it’s forms may lead to addiction and is still considered by many a gateway drug to many stronger drugs. Delta 8 has not yet been tested for these effects but until it is proven otherwise a danger exists. Fighting addiction is not something to be taken lightly.

How long does Delta 8 stay in your system?

Depending on the testing method and the amount of delta 8 you have taken it could range from days to a month. The most commonly used drug testing device today is a urine drug testing strip. And these strips are capable of finding traces of drugs even after a couple of days. Meaning the drug does stay for some time.

This is mostly due to the fact that urine is highly adept at storing traces of drugs. There are other testing methods in use, but we will be concentrating on urine since it is the most cost effective way to test for Delta 8. Making it a perfect method for personal tests as well as workplace testing experiences.

Delta 8 vs Delta 9

It is difficult to compare compounds of the same drug, much less two differing variants, however from what we can gather there are some differences. Delta 9 has up until now been the prime THC compound in use and it is most responsible for the: high” feeling you get when consuming Marijuana.

Delta 8, although not sufficiently tested, has shown so far that it is a lighter form of THC compound with a different structure. It is less likely to cause addiction and is in turn far safer to use, However, further tests are needed to determine if this variant of THC is still as safe as can be and open for consumption.

Delta 8 vs Delta 10

From what we can gather so far, Delta 9 is still the strongest variant of the THC drug present in Marijuana due to its structure, Delta 8 is by comparison safer to use on a regular basis. However, the newcomer Delta 10 has been able to produce euphoria and other positive effects similar to Delta 9. It is still unclear how strong the negatives are.

Some experiments have shown that Delta 8 could be used as a sleeping aid and a relaxation drug while Delta 10 has shown that it is capable of enhancing concentration. This increased focus and the following euphoria are most likely due to the different structures of connection that each variant of THC uses to bind to your system.

Does delta 8 show up on a drug test?

So far there is no delta 8 drug test that tests specifically for Delta 8; however urine drug testing strips that test for THC will find it. This means that you cannot intake the Delta 8 variant and expect to be safe from drug tests. The urine tests are quite sensitive and capable of finding most traces of drugs.

Whether you are using a testing strip, cup or a dip card, most testing devices and all testing methods will be able to find Delta 8. Responsible use of the drug is highly advised as with any drug that has the potential to create addiction. Developing drug dependence and the subsequent addiction is a hard fight to combat so be careful.


The Delta 8 variant of THC is still in its infancy much like its brother the Delta 10 variant. A lot is still left unclear, however here is what we know. The variant is most likely safer than other variants in existence. However, this still does not mean it is completely safe. We advise waiting for more testing to be done before consuming it.

If you have been in contact with someone who has developed an addiction to marijuana or any other drug, or you yourself have developed the addiction, remember to contact your local health services to try and find help. Getting clear of addiction is a long road by one worth taking so please consider going to rehab.

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