Does Ibuprofen show up on a drug test?

Does Ibuprofen show up on a drug test?

Ibuprofen just as naproxen is a drug that has become the most used over the counter, anti-inflammatory drug on the market. It is based on a non steroid compound meaning it is safe to use on a regular basis. Although following your prescription is always advised when dealing with any kind of drug.

How the drug works can give us an answer to the question, does Ibuprofen show up on a drug test. Suppressing hormones that cause inflammation, Ibuprofen is a key drug in today’s market when it comes to battling pain. It is also used to treat mild cases of fever and minor pains such as a toothache or headache.

Do note that this drug is not regularly used in case of severe pain or greater complications. It is primarily used as a repellent of minor pain and inconveniences. It can be used by both children and adults alike and to answer the question “does ibuprofen show up on a drug test?” yes, it does. There is however more to the story.

Ibuprofen drug test

Currently on the market there isn’t a drug test that has been made to test for this particular drug. That said, ibuprofens can make it stand out in other drugs. Meaning that even if there isn’t an ibuprofen drug test, tests such as a Marijuana drug test can show up as a false positive and make some trouble.

So, can Ibuprofen cause false positive results, the answer is simple. Yes, yes it can. It does however depend on which type of test you are taking. Testing for PCP, barbiturates or THC can all show up as false positives if you have been taking Ibuprofen even for a headache. Even though it isn’t a strong drug it will show up in some capacity in your system.

Does Ibuprofen show up on a drug test, again, yes it does. To answer the question why this happens we need to go into the structure of these fake ibuprofen drug test-s as well as the methods that are used when testing. False positive tests can prove to be troublesome, as they can lead to loss of employment or even jail time.

Can Ibuprofen cause false positive tests?

Most drug testing tools today use the urine testing method. In which a sample of your urine is tested for traces of specific drugs such as THC, LSD or even opioids. Considering the sheer scale of the opioid crisis these tests can prove to be quite important in tracking drug use and preventing addiction.

False positive drug tests are a real danger, they have been known to happen in cases where individuals have used Ibuprofen. The results of these false positive tests can be loss of employment, expulsion from sporting events and jail time  among several other outcomes. This is due to the strict laws surrounding drug use.

Now that we have answered the question, does Ibuprofen show up on a drug test, we should take a look at some inherent dangers with the drug itself. Even though the drug is safer to use than most it is only safe to use under prescription. Abuse of Ibuprofen will cause complications just like any other drug.

Ibuprofen dangers

We advise that Ibuprofen only be taken after consultation with your doctor, this is because several factors might influence your experience. If you are older or if you are having heart surgery it is advised that you not take Ibuprofen as it can lead to serious complications and even death.

Prolonged use of Ibuprofen may also cause intestinal bleeding, which if left untreated will result in death. These occurrences may happen without warning and cause permanent damage to your health so be advised to speak with healthcare professionals before using the drug itself.

In case you are currently exhibiting any symptoms of heart attack or any other differences in the functioning of your body call 911 immediately or call your doctor. Remember that in order to prevent these kinds of scenarios you should talk to your doctor and see if the drug is good for you to use.

Ibuprofen Side Effects

We advise that if you have any of the listed side effects you contact the nearest doctor or 911. Ibuprofen can be dangerous to your health if taken lightly and if you have preexisting conditions such as allergies. There are several allergic reactions that can damage your system and we will cover some here.

Some signs of an allergic reaction to Ibuprofen are hives, swelling in your face and heavy breathing. This may also include severe skin reactions, like a red or purple rash. Aside from this a sore throat, fever and burning eyes are also some side effects of an allergic reaction to Ibuprofen

A more dangerous side effect can lead to heart problems. If you feel numbness on one side of your body. Chest pains spreading to your shoulder or jaw. This may indicate that you are having a heart attack. In which case getting emergency help is highly advised. These severe side effects are life threatening and should be taken seriously.


Does Ibuprofen show up on a drug test? Depending on the test in question it will show up. Taking Ibuprofen responsible is advised as well as consultations with your doctor. False positive drug tests are a possibility so be careful if you know a drug testing is coming up. Since a false positive test can lead to serious repercussions.

Aside from the dangers of a false positive drug test, please remember to be careful when using Ibuprofen if you have any allergies and persisting conditions. The drug is safer than most but it can cause real harm to your health if taken lightly. In which case emergency services should be contacted immediately!

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