10 Major Workplace Problems Caused by Drug Abuse That Can Be Avoided with Cheap drug testing

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Employers who insist on frequent drug tests are often seen as paranoid or even unjust by their subordinates. However, if people were familiar with potential problems that come as the result of drug abuse, they might think twice before throwing these allegations. Here are 10 such problems which should prove to be more than good enough justification for regular drug testing in the majority of industries. Needless to say, these problems can easily be solved with some cheap drug tests and frequent testing.

1. Absenteeism

The majority of drug addicts don’t even make it past the hiring process. Those that do usually don’t hold this position for too long. There are numerous reasons why this is so and failing the drug test is not the most common reason. The most common reason is absenteeism. Due to their drug habits, these employees often have a hard time establishing a reliable routine. Moreover, they are more likely to call in sick, either as an excuse or due to the fact that their lifestyle makes them prone to illnesses more than some other employees. Regular drug testing may point you towards those with a higher risk of this.

2. Lack of focus

Another common problem in the workplace is the lack of focus which causes mistakes. Sometimes, these mistakes are particularly costly. This happens when materials get damaged in the process, when errors are made on an important project and when injuries are caused as the result of a lack of awareness. Drug users commonly suffer from hangovers or withdrawals, which affects their performance in this way. Also, they tend to be sleepy on the job, due to their lifestyle. Both of these phenomena lead to a lack of focus. With the help of drug and alcohol test, you can easily determine whether this is the case.

3. Lower morale of other coworkers

The longer drug users stay in your employ, the worst their impact will be on the rest of your employees. Put yourself in their shoes. What they see is a person who is often late for work and someone who constantly underperforms. They also see a person with mood swings and odd behavior patterns. This person is often irritable and ready to fight (often with violent outbursts). Other than just being uneasy around these people, your employees will believe that you have a bias towards these employees (for allowing them to remain in your employ after all this).

4. Employee theft and convenience of cheap drug tests

Drug users often resort to theft in order to support their habit. Sure, some of your employees may be recreational users but you never know how long it will take until the situation escalates. A bad month, several problems at home and one too many hits in the professional field may be all that it takes to push them over the edge. As their habit becomes worse, your inventory (or even funds) might start missing. Needless to say, this is an expensive problem solvable with some cheap drug tests ordered in a bulk.

Doing regular inventory is the simplest way to notice this but regularly testing your employees might be an additional measure that you shouldn’t ignore. The majority of studies indicate that it is the consumption of numerous different drugs leads to drug-related criminal behavior. This is why the majority of companies opt for a 12-panel drug test, which identifies various drug metabolites. These metabolites are amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana, methadone, methaqualone, phencyclidine (PCP), propoxyphene, opiates, ecstasy and Oxycodone.

5. Using the substance in the workplace

Every drug addict has a different approach to this situation but for the majority of non-users, the idea of working with an addict is more than a bit unsettling. The biggest problem with drug use is that, as the habit grows, users will no longer be able to contain drug consumption in their free time. This means that they will use the substance in the workplace. The last thing you need is a drug in your office space. Not only can this get you in a ton of legal trouble and make your employees uneasy but it could also land you in a ton of legal trouble.

6. Troublesome behavior

While this is not a problem that’s endemic to drug users, it’s noticed that those with a habit of substance abuse, have a problem with respecting authority. This often puts them at odds with supervisors and immediate superiors. Keep in mind that the only way for an organization to work is that your employees honor the chain of command. Every drug addict in your employ is a ticking bomb and it’s only a matter of time before they go off and lash out on one of your employees.

7. Loss of efficiency

Employees who regularly use drugs tend to be less efficient than non-drug users for several reasons. First of all, as their habit takes over their life, it becomes the first priority. This means that no responsibility or deadline can ever measure up. Second, since their cognitive abilities are affected in the process, drug users are more likely to suffer from poor decision making. This can be a nightmare scenario, provided that the drug user is in a responsible position in the company. Contacting a drug testing service in order to place a bulk order would be the only sensible course of action.

efficiency8. Unreliability in the long run

As we’ve already mentioned, you never know when a drug user in your employ might take the next step and allow their habit to take over their life. The problem is that these drug users aren’t always the least productive members of your team. Sometimes, it’s the star employee that we’re talking about or someone that you might plan for the future in a leadership position. From this standpoint, it’s more than clear why it’s such a problematic idea to invest resources, time, and effort to groom one of these people.

9. Creating a negative workplace culture

You shouldn’t judge anyone by their past, which is why former drug users should be more than welcome. However, you need to think about the implications of putting these people together with those who are currently bringing drugs and alcohol to work. This idea is more than unsettling and may result in a hostile work environment. Needless to say, drug testing is a lot safer than waiting for this culture to develop on its own. Still, be cautious of those in your employ who might look up the topic of – how to pass a drug test. Prepare for them accordingly.

10. No such thing as casual abuse

The big question that the majority of entrepreneurs are struggling with is – how much substance abuse is acceptable? The simplest and safest answer would be – none whatsoever. If someone wants to relax with a glass of whiskey at home, that’s their own choice. Even if you did decide to test them for alcohol, by the time they get to work, this shouldn’t be noticeable. With drugs, things are not so simple. So, you need to exercise a zero-tolerance policy.

Cheap drug tests in conclusion

Every single one of your employees has their cost and generates some value to the firm. The problem lies in the fact that drug users aren’t necessarily cost-effective. They are less productive, take more sick days, and come with an increased risk of injuries. Other than this, they are more likely to introduce turmoil in the workplace. Their unreliability can make them even more dangerous. Therefore, frequent drug tests your employees for drugs, and creating a drug-free environment needs to become a top priority. Ordering cheap drug tests in bulk can easily and conveniently solve this issue.

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