The Inevitability of Pre Employment Drug Testing

Blood Drug Test Pre Employment Drug Testing

Drug usage has been on rising like never before around the world. With changing lifestyle and floating money around, most people end up consuming drugs to calm their nerves and cope with the compounded life & work stress.

However, job aspirants have to be wary since many companies strongly adhere to pre-employment drug tests as an important criterion for job selection. So, if you thought only knowledge and skills would be enough, then it is indeed a wake up call.

Having said that not every industry finds it mandatory; it is generally limited to employment that calls for the health and safety of people and operating heavy machinery. These employers expect their staff to be at their best performance to serve their duty instead of letting drugs or alcohol ruin it for others.

What’s Pre Employment Drug Testing?

DrugScreeningCup Open FDA CLIAAs the name implies, pre-employment drug screening defines identifying the presence of drugs amongst applicants during the recruitment process. Of all, the urine drug test is generally pursued but saliva, blood, hair, etc can also be used to get a fair idea.

There has been rampant use of drugs lately with recreational drugs confused with the illicit category. However, it is not practically feasible to test all the drugs available in the market. Most common drugs tested for include Benzodiazepines, cannabis, PCP, Methadone, MDMA/Ecstasy, and more.

Most of the companies collect the samples from selected candidates from authorized drug testing laboratories. However, it can be made simpler with superior quality FDA approved drug testing cups to get quick and reliable results.

Usually, candidates are informed prior to the screening test since it is a mandatory part of the recruitment process for some companies. But often, some employers give a short time frame to candidates so they do not get the time to cheat the test.

Regardless, illegal drugs can be removed from the body which may take time ranging from a couple of days to even weeks. All the drug test results are closely evaluated by designated medical professionals before giving a green signal to the candidates.

How Much Drug Use Costs Employers?

It can be dangerous if ignored. As per the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, an estimated cost of  $81 billion each year is borne owing to drug abuse.

Since drugs are found to impact the judgment of employees, companies have the legit right to impose a strict ban on their usage. In fact, if the drugs are illegal, employers may have to face severe charges.

There are many drug screening kits available to screen all the selected candidates before they enter the workplace. Avoid national embarrassment and resort to 6 panels, 10 or 12 panel drug test cups in order to get quick results. The cups themselves have a unique rounded design as well as a screw-top lid that prevents spilling. This in turn keeps things hygienic while conducting the tests. Register online to shop online!

To wrap up …

Pre Employment Drug Testing ensures that only competent candidates manage to enter the organization. Typically, the results take time but you can get them faster whilst eliminating the often-prolonged wait with drug testing cups.

Whilst even a slight trace of illegal drugs flags red for companies,  there are permissible or cut off limits for 12 panel drugs to make the right decision.  Having said that presence of potentially lethal drugs such as valium, other sedatives, or alcohol is considered drug abuse.

Employers have the right to randomly conduct the tests if they have reasonable suspicion about their employees. So, such tests are not limited to before hiring only. Consider exploring drug testing solutions to find the right candidate for your company.

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