Drug Detox Testing How To?

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Drug Detox, how does it work?

Most people have heard of the term drug detox, it’s a well-known process. But what is it really and how does it work? Drug detox is the first step one has to take in order to start the rehab process. The process is designed to clean your system from all traces of drugs and give you a fresh start.

The process of drug detox has been depicted in several movies as well as tv shows and similar to the movie depiction the real thing can be gruesome. In the case of long standing addictions, a detox can be dangerous. It’s a grueling process in which your body cleans itself with help from doctors, and if you have been addicted, the process will be a painful one.

Going through drug detox treatment is something we will be going over in this blog post and hopefully explaining some specifics. The thing you need to know is that a drug detox during addiction is a difficult thing to go through. As your body has gotten used to the intake of a particular drug it will recoil when the drug is taken away from your system.

Drug Detox Treatment

Throughout the drug detox process, you will need to be tested for traces of the drug. Both to see how well your detox is going and to make sure that you don’t relapse.  Urine based drug tests are the most used tests in these situations. They can be rather reliable and they’re a cost effective way to do this.

Since a drug detox will undoubtedly take time and will be a hard process to go through, taking constant drug tests along the way can be a good way to keep spirits up. Aside from constant drug tests, some rehab institutions will provide controlled doses of a replacement drug to ease the process.

If this route is taken, drug tests become even more important, since they can track your drug levels and make sure that the controlled drugs don’t go too far. Urine based tests are used in these situations as they are precise, but this is due mostly to the fact that urine can store traces of drugs within it.

What happens at a Drug Detox Centre?

Drug detox, as we have laboured to point out, is a difficult process to go through and in many cases a professional is needed to help the process. Drug detox centres are the place to go in order to find these professionals. Here doctors, using the appropriate equipment, help your system get clean and back on its feet.

An inescapable part of detox will be withdrawal, the process in which your system goes into shock. This happens because your body has gotten used to a constant intake of the specific drug and now it is realizing there is no more of that drug. This step in detox is the hardest as there are both physical and mental challenges to overcome.

A detox center can help provide around the clock care to those going through this challenge. Offering controlled replacement drugs to ease the transition as well as offering painkillers and other helping hands. Do remember that these professionals have both the know how and the devices to help you as much as they can.

Going through withdrawal will never be an easy endeavor however it can be made a bit easier. But most importantly medical professionals can prevent the withdrawal from becoming lethal. As this altered state of mind can prove to be dangerous to you or your loved ones if you are dealing with this alone.

How do drug tests help in this process?

Using reliable drug tests can help you go through the process of drug detox easier because you can track your drug levels with these tests. Due to the fact that you will most likely be drawn to intake more drugs during this process to ease the withdrawal, it gives your doctor a blank check to see how you are doing.

Do remember that if some of your loved ones are going through withdrawal and they ask for or secretly take more drugs. This is due to the extremely difficult situation they are in at the moment. This is why drug tests help, to keep things in check and keep your loved ones on the right path.

It is important to provide the people going through detox all the support we can muster. As well as building an atmosphere of trust, drug tests help to keep this process going and it will undoubtedly lead to good results if you or your loved ones keep to it. It is not an easy thing to do, however, most people that have gone through rehab and detox report changed lives.

Florida drug detox center?

Finding a good detox or rehab center can be as difficult as the process of drug rehab, we advise first and foremost talking to your doctor about this. Your doctor will have a better picture of where to send you and what your needs will be and will be able to inform the center of your situation.

If you are feeling apprehensive about talking to a doctor about this process there are other ways to find a good drug detox institution. Websites such as RehabAid have an astounding database of rehab and detox centers around the USA. Aside from this, they provide all the information you will need before going into this process.

In some cases, people do not trust private websites to provide such important information. In this case, we advise you to look at the SAMHSA government website and find treatment through that. There are other ways to find help but these would be a good way to start the process.


In case you are going through, or planning to go through, with drug detox make sure to talk to your loved ones and create a safe and supportive environment for yourself. Professional help is always advised due to the equipment and knowledge doctors can provide so that can be the next natural step.

Please remember, this is a hard first step that you are taking, it will be painful and dangerous at times. But with the right help and support, you can go through it and give yourself a new chance at life. Whether or not you believe you deserve it, it is worth a shot in the very least, but we promise it will be worth it.

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