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The decision to get your first EtG testing experience can be a scary thing to go through, especially if you have been on rehab and dealing with alcohol addiction. Once you start the process you go through a lot and an EtG alcohol test can help you go through the ordeal by keeping your EtG levels under control.

Starting an alcohol rehab is a hard thing to go through, considering that it is legal and it can be purchased in most stores people go to every day. The process is filled with challenges and falling back to your old ways is easy if you’re not as committed as you should be. An EtG testing experience can be a great help in this respect.

An EtG testing experience is guaranteed to offer help with tracking levels of alcohol in your system during the detox process. It also provides workplaces and individuals with a tool to keep track of their colleagues or loved ones’ roads to recovery. Alcohol addiction is a difficult thing to get through but it can be done.

What is an EtG test and how does EtG work?

Ethyl Glucuronide or EtG is a metabolite or byproduct of Ethanol. Which in turn is the part of your alcohol drinks which gives you the feeling of being drunk. This compound (ETG) is created at any time a person consumes alcohol. So the EtG testing devices should be quite precise to distinguish how much is in your system.

EtG testing devices are designed to work with the urine based drug testing method. Urine is exceptionally adept at storing any and all traces of drugs within it. This unique ability gives drug tests such as dip cards, test cups and even the simple test strips the ability to find traces of drugs with a high reliability.

Considering it is Ethanol that gives you the effects most associated with alcohol it is not a big surprise to learn what EtG does. This compound is responsible for the dizziness that comes after the effects of alcohol have already passed. This is also why the compound can be found easily in your urine.

Taking your first EtG testing experience

Here are some EtG test facts and myths that you should know when considering taking your fist Etg urine test. First off it’s important to know that EtG is used mostly when you are tracking someones alcohol abstinence and overall alcohol levels in the person’s system. This function cannot be accomplished by a breathalyzer.

These EtG testing devices can find traces of alcohol even after several days have passed. This is sometimes affected by factors such as body weight and the amount of alcohol which is being used. But the general rule in place here is that the more you drink the longer the alcohol stays. The more body fat you have the longer it will stay in your system.

Unfortunately there are household items which can interfere with the results of the EtG testing experience. Mouthwash, makeup and even cough drops have alcohol in them which could interfere with an EtG alcohol test. This vulnerability is mostly considered by doctors and patients are informed prehand not to use such items.

A notable limitation of the EtG testing devices is the fact that they can only find traces of EtG a couple of days after the alcohol has been consumed. This means that the tests can be tricked, however this is mostly combated by the fact that some doctors give surprise EtG urine tests on random check ups which the patients need to come to.

What is an EtG test?

An EtG testing device is a tool specifically designed to test for traces of an Ethanol metabolite called EtG. This device is mostly used to track abstentions and to help people who are fighting alcohol abuse. The most cost effective version of these tests are the urine based tests.

Aside from these urine based EtG testing devices there are mouth swab tests and breathalyzers which can all detect etg in your system. Breathalyzers however, are not capable of finding traces of the compound a day after the alcohol has been ingested. They serve mostly as a way to find the traces upon ingestion.

Failing these EtG testing experiences can be harmful to your life since it could mean loss of employment or even jail time if you were putting people’s lives in danger. This, however, doesn’t need to be the only outcome. Many companies and organisations in the US offer help when alcohol abuse is found.

This is mostly due to the fact that alcohol is a luxury that can be found in most stores. This combined with the fact it is essentially a legal drug that comes with a cheap price tag makes it a severely overused drug. An EtG testing experience can in that way provide a new chance to get things straight.

False positive tests

The possibility of an Etg testing device providing a false positive result is a real one. This can happen in situations where the urine has not been stored in the correct temperature. Or if the instructions of the tests have not been followed to the letter. In these situations it is advised to repeat the test in order to see if there really is EtG in the person’s system.

A person who has been dealing with diabetes can also find several problems when taking the EtG testing experience. Diabetes can lead to a urinary tract infection, which can in turn create several problems. But these infections can show as a false positive EtG test. If the patient has diabetes it is advised to repeat the test several times.


Dealing with alcohol addiction can be a tough experience, an even tougher experience can be going through abstention. An EtG testing device can be a good tool which can help you track your progress. If you feel that you need help with battling addiction or if you want a consultation on this problem, please consider getting help.

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