Why is Fentanyl so dangerous? Our 1st look at the dangers of FYL

Why is Fentanyl so dangerous? Our 1st look at the dangers of FYL zaza

Why is fentanyl so dangerous? Before getting straight into why it is dangerous, first let’s go over what fentanyl is.     What are its effects, how it can be abused and which tests you can take to control the amount of fentanyl you intake. After that we’ll compare some well known and powerful drugs to fentanyl to see how they stack up.

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid which is most often used to treat severe pain in cases where a surgery has taken place. Other than that it can be used to treat chronic pain that patients have to live with. Why is fentanyl so dangerous? Because it can easily create drug dependency and even addiction.

Prescriptions are the only legal way to get fentanyl, and it is advised that the prescriptions be followed to the letter. Taking in more than prescribed can lead to quite big problems. Illegally it is used in combination with other drugs to a devastating effect. Even on it’s own fentanyl in large doses can easily produce an overdose, mixing it with other drugs can be highly lethal.

Fentanyl effects

Synthetic opioids such as fentanyl have in recent years become some of the most used drugs on the market, both legally and illegally. Mostly due to the effects produced by the drug when a large amount is taken in. People who have had experiences with large amounts of fentanyl report extreme happiness and relaxation.

Even though these effects sound delightful, let’s not forget the question at hand, why is fentanyl so dangerous? Other effects may include drowsiness, sedation, heavy breathing and nausea coupled with general confusion. Each of these effects can be dangerous in certain instances.

The most notable effect is the possibility of overdose. Breathing can be slowed to such a degree that it can induce a comatose state. This is due to the fact your brain is no longer getting enough air and so it preemptively shuts your body down to save energy. If you are left like that and untreated for days you will die.

Fentanyl abuse

Fentanyl can be abused in several different ways, the most notable being taking larger doses than prescribed or ignoring your prescriptions. Buying the drug illegally can also have adverse effects. Due to the complete lack of standardization on the black market. Drugs can be mixed into life threatening cocktails.

Overuse of Fentanyl has been known to produce drug dependence which later on leads to downright addiction. Dependence means that your body has gotten used to a certain dosage of fentanyl and now it needs a larger dose. Why is fentanyl so dangerous? Because it forces you to take larger amounts that you shouldn’t take.

Yet another reason why is fentanyl so dangerous is the fact that on the black market it is sold often lacing other drugs or mixed in with drugs which are known to be dangerous. Even drugs who are known to be safer, like marijuana can be laced with fentanyl and in turn become quite deadly.

Fentanyl drug test

Common drug tests used in the US today use the urine testing method, this method is used to build testing strips, cups and dip cards. How do these tests work? They search for traces of fentanyl in your urine. Urine is in turn quite capable of storing these traces for several days, even after the effects of the drugs had passed.

Why is fentanyl so dangerous? It can force you to use far too big doses and it can lead to overdose. Drug screening tools that test for fentanyl are a great way to see how much you are taking and whether or not it is dangerous. Fentanyl drug tests are also used on the black market to test drugs for traces of fentanyl, ensuring the product is safer for consumption.

We highly advise using fentanyl drug tests in consultation with your doctors in order to get a clear picture of how much fentanyl you have in your system.Fentanyl can be quite dangerous in small doses, but in larger doses it is lethal. Consultations with your physician should be a regular thing if you have resorted to using this drug.

Fentanyl compared to heroin

Both Heroin and Fentanyl have their connections to morphine, Heroin is derived from the drug and fentanyl is often closely compared to it. Fentanyl is a synthetically produced drug which can be dangerous but is legal for use under prescription guidelines. The same cannot be said of Heroin.

Why is fentanyl so dangerous? Because it’s baseline compound is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. Meaning you would have to take at least 50 doses of morphine to get the same effects of fentanyl. This makes the drug quite dangerous and it can very easily lead to lethal situations if not careful.

How much stronger is fentanyl than morphine?

In order to get the same effects of fentanyl while using morphine you would have to inject obscene amounts of morphine into your system. Morphine is quite potent, but it is overshadowed by its offspring. One dose of fentanyl can do the same as 50 to 100 doses of morphine at once.

How much fentanyl is fatal?

In order to avoid fatal situations with fentanyl we advise that each dose be recorded and consulted with your doctor. Prescriptions should be followed to the letter to avoid dependence and addiction. If you know someone who has become dependent on fentanyl, please advise them to get help through rehab centres and consultations.

If you have in fact come into contact with someone who is selling fentanyl illegally or mixing it with other drugs we advise you report the person to the police immediately. If you do these things you may well be saving lives as well as your own in the long run. The best way to fight fentanyl overdoses is to keep its distribution in check.

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