Does LSD show up on a drug test?

Does LSD show up on a drug test?

If you want to know does LSD show up on a drug test you have to get more acquainted with the drug itself. In order to better understand its effects and how it will affect your body you should go over its half life and its crucial factors. The half life of a drug is how long half a dose survives inside a person’s body. This is used to measure and determine the potency of a drug.

It is noteworthy that some drugs can stay in your system for several days without showing any signs of easing up. Most often the visible effects of the drug will not last for more than a day. However, even this aspect of a certain drug could be influenced by different factors. LSD is a special case as it can take up to 48 hours to metabolize the drug.

Metabolizing, before a LSD drug test

Metabolization is a process in which the body works through the last remnants of the drug in your system. Slowly your body begins to clean itself and often the speed of this process will be determined by your lifestyle. Body fat can make it harder for the body to clean up, taking other drugs or new doses of LSD can all influence the metabolizing process.

What does this mean? It means the drug will stay inside your body for a longer period of time. Determining how long LSD will stay in your system, will show you how long it will show up on a drug test.

When taken orally LSD is absorbed into your gastrointestinal system and through that it is pumped into your bloodstream. From there the LSD travels to your brain and other organs. The brain only endures about 20 minutes of LSD but the effects of the drug can last considerably longer than that. This depends on how much gets into your bloodstream.

How long does LSD stay in your system?

After taking LSD the effects usually begin to be felt within 20 to 90 minutes. These effects start off slow and build up, eventually reaching their peak after around 2 hours. However the effects can vary greatly from person to person. How long LSD takes to kick in and how intense its effects are depend on several factors:

  1. Your age – Older people generally have a tougher time metabolizing, whether this be prescription drugs or otherwise.
  2. Your body mass – Bodies with large amounts of fat can have a difficult time metabolizing ingested drugs as the drugs do get latched on to fat cells.
  3. Your overall metabolism – The average metabolism is unique to every person, each person can have different conditions which affect this process.
  4. Frequency of intake – How often you use LSD can and will influence how long acid is found inside your system.
  5. Liver function – A healthy liver will have little problems with clearing up your system in a shorter time than average.

An LSD trip can last for a long time, anywhere from 6 to 15 hours at a time. This long shelf life is also expanded with the afterglow effect. This refers to lingering effects that can last for 6 hours more. If we take both of these effects into account we can see that LSD can stay in your system for almost 24 hours.

The actual effects may include the following:

The same factors that often influence how long it takes for LSD to kick in also influence how long the effects will show up. The intensity and duration can also be prolonged by other [over the counter medicine or prescription medication.

How long does LSD show up on a drug test?

Compared to other drugs LSD is a bit harder to detect. It’s usually quickly broken down in the liver and metabolized. Considering only a small dose is needed to get the desired effects, most people tend to only take in small amounts.

Using a urine drug test we will find that LSD is quickly transformed into inactive compounds by your liver. This leaves about 1% of unchanged LSD in your urine. Most routine drug tests can barely detect LSD in your urine.

How to clear your system of LSD?

LSD is eliminated from your system faster than most other drugs. However, if you do want to speed up the process there are actions that you can take. Here are some things that can be done in order to clear your system from LSD before a drug test.

  1. Hidrate – LSD is metabolized through urine, so keeping hydrated can eliminate traces of the drug from your system faster.
  2. Stop taking LSD – timing is crucials when it comes to testing for LSD. if you have a scheduled test incoming it might be smart to stop using the drug until then.
  3. Exercise – Aerobic exercises and weight lifting can boost your metabolism. Although this isn’t the fastest fix, it can help out in the long run.

The risks of taking LSD

People who have used LSD have reported bad trips and several have noted lasting emotional scarring. There is no way to know for sure how your trip will be or how it will affect your brain. However, we do know the risks accompanied with taking LSD. Prolonged use can lead to severe addiction to the drug. This psychological addiction can also lead to a rare condition called hallucinogen persisting perception disorder.

It is worth noting that LSD can have extremely powerful effects that can alter perception and judgement. Which in turn could make a person more open to taking risks they otherwise would not consider.


How long LSD stays in your system and does LSD show up on a drug test depends on a number of factors. If you are interested in doing some personal testing and seeing if you have traces of LSD in your system you can purchase LSD drug test strips. If there is a test upcoming in your workplace, stop taking LSD right away.

If you’re worried about your intake of LSD talk to a healthcare provider!


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