Have you ever worked at a urine testing facility and seen some questionable characters coming in?  Have you ever had to take a urine sample from someone who gave you one that was a little bit off, like maybe it was too light or didn’t feel warm enough?  No one wants to get into trouble with their probation officer or their place of employment.  No one wants to lose their job because they do drugs or drink.  This is why people try to fake urine screens all the time, but there are a lot of different ways to keep things like this from happening.

Why people fake

drugs photo fake urine screensThere are a number of different reasons that people want to fake a negative for their urine screen.  Normally if they are going to take a urine screen for a job interview they want to make a good impression.  They do not want to have a positive urine screen.  Another reason that people might be trying to get a negative on a urine screen is because they are taking one for probation.  No one wants to get into any kind of trouble if they are taking drugs while they are on probation.  This can cause them to have to serve their entire sentence in jail rather than at home.  This is the reason that a lot of people will come in and try to give a sample that they are aware of is clean.

How do people fake

There are quite a few ways that people have been known to fake urine screens.  They can dilute their own urine, which is normally tellable when their urine comes out completely clear, or makes a test show up as inconclusive.  People have also tried adding things to their urine once they dilute it so far.  Some people have tried adding their medication, while others try adding vitamin B, thinking that it will trick the test.  The problem with this is that drug tests read the drugs in your system that have already metabolized.  Adding things to the urine sample, especially vitamin B or your medications, may not make them read at all, or, it may read off the charts.  They can also bring in synthetic urine or another person’s urine, which can be tellable if they do not properly heat it and keep it at body temperature, or they can use masking agents, which can be tellable by an inconclusive test.  It can be difficult to ascertain if a person is trying to get a negative urine screen through questionable methods, but there are ways that you can tell if you pay attention.

How to stop people from faking urine screens

There are a bunch of different methods that can be used in order to make sure the samples that you are getting from someone is not a fake urine screens.  It should be body temperature and not completely clear.  Remember, this is waste coming from someone’s body.  Even someone who drinks water 24/7 is going to have something in their urine, it will not be completely clear.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to examine every single specimen you are getting as closely as you need to.  This can cause issues with the tests, like reading negative when they are really positive, or the test coming up as inconclusive.  There are ways that you can stop things like this from happening.  We offer bulk testing supplies at wholesale prices that can help prevent issues like this.


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