Alcohol Test Strips (Up to 8 Hour Detection)

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Alcohol Strips

Our alcohol test strips are on sale for $0.75 per strip. They sell in packs of 50 strips. The strips provide users with an easy and quick way to perform alcohol testing. The FDA and CLIA waived alcohol strips promise to provide nearly 99% confirmed results. You can use the test results for further medical consultation.

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The alcohol strips are supposed to be used carefully though there is a peel and read label provided for user guidance. Every alcohol strip has predetermined cut-off levels to detect the presence beyond the permissible limits. Refer for the cut off levels for other drugs.

The strips are used in human urine to notify the user as to whether or not they have consumed Alcohol. The results for our alcohol test strips can be read in as little as three minutes. So you do not have to wait for long before authentic results are out.


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